My name is Margo and I’m the founder of “I do perfection”. Not that long ago I went through a very special period of my life: “I was a bride! I was preparing for one of the most important days in my life.” I said: “Yes!” and I was overwhelmed with ideas and dreams about the Big Day. I wanted to feel like a princess, to pick beautiful things, to make our wedding day unique, something that would be truly ours. Although I had known a lot about wedding industry, at first, I was rather disappointed. Wedding is an industry, it is business like everything else, it is about supply and demand and making something truly yours requires a lot of time and efforts and it all costs money, but what I noticed the main problem is willingness to make it special for you and live your dream. We found just the right people for the job, people who truly wanted to make our dream come true, moreover they were creative to come up with unique solutions for our budget. Our wedding was magical, it was all about our couple and our guests, every little detail added up to the beautiful day we will never forget.

“I do perfection” was born out of this insightful experience of being a bride. I believe every bride deserves to feel like a princess, to dream, feel excited and have sparkling eyes. I believe every woman deserves that! No matter the status. I’m an experienced professional in design and style, I work for big corporations, I know my way in the tough business world. These are the skills I would like to share with you, skills to express your dream and to be heard. “I do perfection” is not your wedding planner, at least for now, with I do perfection I focused on 3 main things:

·        providing you with an independent advice on your bridal style before you go to the stores. Trust me, once you are out there it is easy to be lost.

·        your wedding theme. Yes, your couple is a story, which needs to be told right and have a perfect title.

·        Your accessories. Every item in our store is handmade and one of a kind. We can create an item which will compliment your look. You can find an existing item in our store or we can create your perfect item for any occasion!

“I do perfection” is inspired by female beauty and grace, it exists to bring sparkles to your eyes.