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How to pick a ring?


From the ancient times till modern age ring is one of the most popular pieces of jewellery in the world.

It is hard to advice how to pick an ideal ring, there are many designs and styles, there are no universal rules how to pick the best one, but there are 3 rules which might help you to make the right choice. It applies to all types of rings: engagement rings, wedding rings or just fashion accessories.

  1. Measure your ring size and buy precisely the right size, don’t buy something smaller or bigger than your size. If you buy something smaller it may have a negative effect on your blood circulation, if you buy something too big you might simply lose it. There are lot of jewellery stores which offer to adjust the size of your ring. I don’t advice to do it, unless it’s absolutely necessary like with some family rings. Unfortunately there is such thing as metal fatigue and after a while your adjusted ring might start to change its shape and gems might get lost because of it. It’s always better to order the right size even if you have to wait a bit.

How to measure your/your fiancé’s ring size? The ring size is the diameter of the finger in millimetres.

  • The ring should be comfortable to wear and should perfectly fit to its designated spot.
  • Your ring shouldn’t scratch your skin in anyway, nor should it cling to your cloth. This is how you can judge the quality of the design and professionalism of the jeweller, poorly designed gems holders leave snags on your cloth. Nylon or silk can help you to test the design.

Don’t forget to clean your jewellery and renew rhodium layer once in a while!  

Tip: if you are looking for an engagement ring I advice to look attentively through your girlfriends jewelry and see what color of gold she prefers. Its not a rule of thumb, but most blond girls prefer white gold and brunettes go for yellow.

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