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Picking the right wedding dress

How to choose the perfect wedding dress? There are so many catalogs, facebook pages, bridal magazines, tv shows promoting different brands, designers and all advice different styles! Every bride desires to look stunning and see admiration in the eyes of the groom and the guests. How on earth pick the best bridal gown in all this variety?!

We say it is not as hard as you think it is! It is your wedding, it is your dream coming true, so you need to start from yourself and your bellowed one.

You need to start thinking how you see your wedding day. Perhaps you haven’t discussed it with your fiance yet, so the right moment would be to discuss it prior going to the wedding dresses salons. It very well can happen that you would like to have something different than a classical reception and will come up with your own theme. Needless to say, that wedding gown which will make you look charming and romantic on the sunset beach might not be the best choice for a ceremony in the medieval church. How many people are invited? Just a close circle: your parents and few closest friends or your father’s business partners are also invited? Your budget is also a very important thing! We recommend being considerate of what you are ready to spend on your whole wedding, your wedding gown style should be a natural part of the day. We don’t say that if you don’t have a big budget, you shouldn’t spend a bit more on your dress, but we are talking about the style itself, it should be in line with everything else.  The moment you answer these questions your search will narrow down a lot, you will see!

Your next step will be to choose your objective, how would you like to feel yourself and how would like to be perceived? Would you like to highlight your femininity and grace or would you like to surprise and look provocative? We also advise you to look critically in the mirror and think what you would like to neglect and what to highlight.

We know wedding is the main day in your life, but this day is about the couple, not about two individuals. What your groom is planning to wear, what style suits him best? Your bridal gown should be in harmony with his suit. One last piece of advice, grab few magazines, select few preferred wedding dresses styles and discuss them with your future husband, you might learn a lot of interesting stereotypes and it will also help you to narrow your search.

If it is still too complex, just write to us and we will help you to determine your style!

Good luck!

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