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What is cotton-pearl and why do I like it?


 “Pearls are always appropriate.” Mrs. Jackie Kennedy

I absolutely love cotton-pearls they look very appealing, luxurious and each pearl has its on texture hence character. They look great with everything from ripped jeans and a t-shirt, business attire suit to a wedding dress. Their visual appeal is undoubtful, they are affordable and there are incredibly light!

The weight of the beads is much lighter than the usual pearls, so light you even forget you’re actually wearing them. I think this is ideal for those of you who would like to keep your stylish look all day long.

Cotton-pearls have a long history.

They were first manufactured in France during the 1800’s, and were very popular during the art deco period in the US when it was trendy to wear multiple layers of pearls.

Recent cotton-pearl trend is coming from Japan, as we all know Japanese are very innovative, so they invented a modern method to manufacture them. My cotton-pearls are coming from Japan from a high end the most famous manufacturer, so pearls are of excellent quality.

Cotton pearls are compressed cotton with pearl coating instead of urea resin or glass.
They look fragile, but they are pretty hard and do not break easily. They are made of cotton, so they are not water resistant, please don’t swim in them!

Cotton-pearls look like vintage ocean pearls, but they are incredibly light and it looks like they are glowing from the inside, they are truly charming!

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